While looking at the intellectual property notices of my Vita, I saw some interesting tidbits.

Netfront from Access Co in japan is apparently still the web browser for this thing, Access Co is the company that owns the PalmOS operating system and the Graffiti text entry method.

It uses Skyhook for location services.

Open source components it uses? Blist, CyrusSASL, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Freetype, Giflib, libEtPan!, libjpeg, liftiff, MD5, squish, strlcpy.

For the web browser, it uses cairo, dtoa, expat, Freetype2, hash.c, ICU, libjpeg, libpixman, libxml2, list.c, PCRE, trio, Webkit.

Other software? FLANN, OpenCV.

It’s interesting that the Vita has such a WebOS style interface, when PalmOS’s developers apparently did some of the development on the system…

Also, the blog may be up and down here, it seems to have run out of memory, and I’m noticing that there was a rootkit on it at one point. I’m going to be replacing this VM with something new as soon as I can.