I’m saddened by the continued tendency of our people to sacrifice their liberties for the illusion of safety. The TSA’s latest BS that has been almost universally trashed andpanned by everyone I read

Travel is unavoidable for me at work, but I’ll be encouraging them to let me drive whenever it’s within a reasonable distance. Also, whenever we take family vacations, I’m going to try and find an airline that doesn’t involve the TSA, which essentially narrows it down to what are counted as “charter” airlines, or I’m going to drive.

And since it's the left side of the political field endorsing this invasion of liberty I think I will get the largest rental vehicle I can find to make the trip in so that I can give them a reason to back down. If we have a large chunk of the people who would have flown instead driving insanely polluting cars across the country, maybe they will have a reason to ease up on their position.