11. Primary Inversion. Second story I’ve read from the Skolia series of books. Was interesting. Strange ending.

12. Twilight at the Well of Souls. More of the same pretty much, except there’s no Com world portion, so it wasn’t as interesting to me.


30. Costume Quest. Lots of fun, simple. You could probably stick a 7-8 year old in front of it and they’d love it, aside from the dialog going by too fast.


77. House MD Season 6. I watched most of this live on TV, but there was about 2-3 episodes I had missed. Always good…

78. Now and then, Here and there. Interesting, but unrealistic. Typical of a japanese style game even though it’s a series, the characters react differently to the main character than they would anyone else who did what he did. If not for that reality bending, he’d have been shot a dozen times in the storyline.

79. Doctor who and the Space Museum. The last episode with some of the original companion characters. A bit strange, but interesting.

80. Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks. False morality, silly conclusions, etc… Not as bad as the 3rd doctor stuff.

81. Battlestar Galactica Season 3. More interesting than season 2. *shrug*

82. Zombieland. It’s pretty good.

83. Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Amusingly self-referential. Funny watching them look at themselves on TV and explore the oddities of fan culture.

84. Dragon Drive. I should have quit watching this. It’s truly awful. Kids might enjoy it, but… The last DVD is particularly awful, to the point that I thought something was wrong with my DVD player with how pixelated it was. No, it was them budgetizing the art style to a ridiculous degree.