$140 for a motherboard that can link two GPU cards from different manufacturers… This is unbelievably tempting for me, but it would require a major reshuffle of my computers. Not exactly an unwelcomed reshuffle though.

Short term: I move the Intel Core i7 to the linux box. The current motherboard in that box goes to the Garage and powers Naoto. I stick my Athlon IIx3 chip on the windows box with this motherboard and put my ATI 5870 and Nvidia 460 on it.

A pretty serious CPU drop for the windows box, but it should double the GPU processing power and that’s what is important for the windows box. I’ll be able to run Folding@Home with the BigADV mode again though.

Long term, upgrade the windows system’s processor to a Thuban Phenom IIx6 ($200), double the RAM to 8 gigs($184), double the Linux system’s ram to 12. ($173)

Expensive, but this first step is pretty cheap…

I think I’d rename Teela to Almaz if I did this… The name is definitely staying with that hardware. I wonder what to call the new board? Geoffrey? Mao? PrinnyMask? Aurum? Maybe Zetta or Asagi. :)