Bitmob Game Hoarder

This guy is much worse than I am…

My suggestion to him would be to look at every game. Evaluate it on a few categories. A. Did you finish it? B. Will you ever feel like finishing it? C. Will you ever play it again? D. Did you consider it to be a game you really enjoyed? E. Can it be condensed down to where it takes up nearly no space at all?

If you answered No to all of these, it doesn’t matter how much you’ll get for it. Just sell it and get your 50 cents out of it so that you can have that space back. Another question to ask is if this game can be gotten for a more modern system. Such as if it’s a PS1 game, can you download it for PS3 or PSP? If so, then ditch that old copy by any means necessary. Once I bought the Wii I kept my Gamecube controllers and games, but ditched the Gamecube itself. Once I had all the Dreamcast games on other systems or beaten, I got rid of that system.

For me, Playstation 1 games are about the only retro thing I keep around. That’s because I can ditch the jewel cases and put them in a CD sleeve along with their instruction manual, and then they take up a miniscule fraction of what they did previously. My CD case is nowhere near full, and if I did fill it up, I have a number of old PSU demo discs that I can toss.

All of my games pretty much fall into 4 categories now. A. Games that I’ve condensed down into small containers, mostly GBA and PS1 games. I have a small 60 cd case and a tiny plastic box for GBA games and memory cards. If I start running low on PS2 game space, I’ll probably find a DVD sleeve like this for them. B. Games on my small bookshelf. There’s a fair bit of room left on this for new games and the bottom shelf is for games I’ve beaten that are candidates for sale or trade-in. C. Games on my active shelf. I can keep about 12 games there that I want to be able to grab quickly to play. D. Collectors editions that sit on the big shelf over my closet.

There’s stuff on the B shelf that I will probably never end up playing. They’re mostly PS2 games but I would love to eventually play, and I can’t trade them in easily. If my PS3/PSP/DS/Xbox360 games end up falling into the “I’ll never play this” category I usually trade them in…