Started on Little Brother by Cory Doctrow, but haven’t finished it yet.

Games: 21: Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues. Decent fun, not the greatest in the series.

22: Sam and Max: Night of the Raving Dead. Same as above.

23: Sam and Max: Chariots of the Dogs. This was actually an excellent episode. And full of exposition for the future of the series. :)

24: Sam and Max: What’s new, Beelzebub? Another good one, great ending to season 2. Definitely picked up steam as it went along.

25: Deathspank. A fun, well written game, though the writing and the art was better than the gameplay by a mile. Look forward to the sequel.

26: Sam and Max: The City that Dares not sleep. This episode cements Sam and Max Season 3: The Devil’s Playground as one of the best written games series ever. Worth buying. Really. Go buy it! There is quite a bit of stuff that makes way more sense if you play the first two seasons, but you can probably wait until after episode 2 of the 3rd before going back. Otherwise the old games might put you off on the series… and we wouldn’t want that.


58: Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5: Eh, it wasn’t bad. Most of the old criticisms apply.

59: Planetes. A very good show. I got annoyed at the politics a bit, but that’s a discussion for another blog post.

60: Patlabor: The Movie. A fun giant robot show. Interesting use of computers.

61: Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU. If you enjoyed the parts of FMP where Sousuke failed to fit into school life, you’ll enjoy this series. That’s basically all it is. 12 more episodes of that part of FMP.

62: Doctor Who: The Ark in Space. Now this is slightly more like it. If the rest of the episodes are more like this one, I’ll probably enjoy the 4th doctor stuff.

63: Doctor Who: Robot. It almost was another 3rd doctor style show. I’m glad I didn’t watch this before the second one I watched, because it would have had me throwing up my arms in exasperation…

64: Black Adder 2. I liked this one better than the first one.

65: The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Funny. D&D type campaign thing done into a story.

66: Mary and Max. A weird little claymation thing, showing the hazards of both investing yourself too much in one friend, and in lying to your children, among other things.

67: TiMER. A fatalistic speculative fiction thing in the tradition of many old scifi… They take an invention and see how it would change society. In this case, this completely accurate computer dating service that tells you how long until you meet the person who is right for you. Never mind that it would be terribly easy to defeat. Just plug the time into a big database and you could get everyone into a room who was meant to meet each other and screw the system up. At this point, the laws of the universe would distort and people would start getting odd delays to keep them from getting to the meeting room… heh

68: A Boy and his Dog. A misanthropic and misogynistic tale of a post-apocalyptic future. Amusing, though a bit odd. If things keep going as it shows in the movie, humanity on the surface will probably be extinct in a dozen years or so. Everyone in the movie is scum. Except maybe the dog.

69: V for Vendetta. I expected it to be bad. It was actually quite good.