I think I’m shelving Crimson Gem Saga again. I just can’t get back into the game after all this time… I can’t find a single thing the game does superbly. Everything is either moderately bad or moderately good.

But I also looked into all of the other things I currently have for my PSP and found that I didn’t really feel like playing any of them at the moment. Maybe I need to just go ahead and grab Persona 1 at the $30 price on download even though I usually set my limit at $20 for a single game on download. Perhaps I should make an exception for Sony because their Download policy is much friendlier than Nintendo’s. If I made the exception for them, I’d also need to make it for Impulse…

I’m definitely going to grab Lunar though now that it’s on sale for $15.

Or I could convince myself to play more Riviera or Wild Arms 1. Those were the only things that looked remotely enticing on my PSP list today.

I’m sure this will change soon. Cladun and ZHP both look like they will revive my PSP