A week or two ago I heard that Gamestop was doing a promotion where you go to their store between a certain time frame and get a quest map for your DQ9 game. The only problem being that they had no stores within 200 miles of me that had the map. I briefly debated driving all that way, but spending $50 on gas seemed a bit excessive.

Now I find out that Best Buy is doing a similar promotion, likely with a different map entirely, and they had a list of stores that were participating.

Western Colorado was left out entirely again! Another 250 mile drive to get a second map? Madness.

Nintendo has been pushing the heck out of this game, but yet they’re not pushing it enough to get a copy of either map in Colorado except on the eastern side? Meh.

The local stores always get the Pokemon special events, but they can’t be bothered to give us the DQ9 ones…