9. Temple of the Winds. I read through this mainly because someone on IRC kept preaching about how bad the series was, and trying to pull out the absolute worst parts out of context to prove his point. I’ve read the first 3, so I figured I would give the 4th one the benefit of the doubt. I actually enjoyed this one more than the 3rd one.

Games: I can’t believe how many I finished this month… But many of them were really short.

7. Final Fantasy 13. Many have been trashing this game, but I enjoyed it. I thought it was much better than FF12, which tended to be a bit more scattered and have far more missable things. It sort of lead you down the predetermined path to a great extent, but proved to be a fairly enjoyable game.

8. Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain. They’ve really outdone themselves this season with the Sam and Max games. Great writing.

9. Disgaea Infinite: A complete change from the prior disgaea games, this one is a visual novel. It’s very short and has 14 endings to make up for the brief length. Not for strategy fans, only for people who really enjoy the somewhat immature and dark story lines from Disgaea. I enjoyed how ridiculous the game was though.

10. Sam and Max, Situation: Comedy. Went back to the first season and started playing. This one was good, but not nearly as good as season 3.

11. Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa. I skipped from season 1 ahead to season 2 to see if they had improved between the two. They at least support all of my resolutions this time, but I found one part of the game to be extremely frustrating. You make an elf cry, and the tree grows really large… I thought that was all there was to it though. I got stuck in the game and couldn’t go any further. Why? Because there was a watering can full of elf tears that I was supposed to pick up, but the graphics for the can were missing… Argh!

12. Suikoden Tierkreis. Wrote a review on it not too long ago.

13. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent. Fun, aside from the annoying jigsaw puzzle bits where the pieces don’t quite fit together correctly. Awfully short.

Honorable mention, though not a newly completed game: I finished Uncharted on the highest two difficulty settings, and managed the Platinum trophy. :)


44. Doctor Who and the Silurians. Tiresome in every way… It was too long, too preachy, just too bleh. I’m wondering if I should just skip the 3rd doctor for the most part… 0 or 1 rating…

45. City of Ember. I enjoyed it, a different sort of post apocalypse. Reminded me of all the vaults in the various fallout games. 3 rating.

46. Shaun of the Dead. Actually rather enjoyable. 3 rating.

47. Tactics. After watching the whole thing, I’d put it at a 1 rating. I did rent it at a 2 level, but I never felt the urge to go rent the last disc at the store. After watching it, I felt like I would have rather rented the next thing down on my list… I like the setting, but the rest leaves something to be desired. 1.

48. Chobits. I was surprised when I heard that an all female studio created this. I suppose I might look at a local store to rent this one. 3-rating.

49. Dexter Season 1. Interesting, not sure if it’s really the sort of thing I enjoy though. I liked the crime solving stuff, but the rest… The ending of the season was just odd to me. Rating: 1.