I keep wondering when I make my little tiny video reviews if I should have a rating system for things. Something subjective like Howard Tayler’s movie rating system (Number of times he will go to the theater to see it.)

But I’m far less picky about watching things, and I almost never go to the theater.

So maybe I should come up with one that better fits my utter lack of discretion when leaping into watching a new series or video.


0 - I wouldn’t watch or finish watching if it were available for free on Hulu or Netflix Streaming… (Example. Sister Princess, Angelic Layer, Heroes Season 3 and 4. A bit misleading since I did watch season 3 on netflix, but I regretted it.)

1 - I would watch it on Hulu or Netflix (Example. Moonphase, Heroes season 1-2, Best Student Council)

2 - I would rent the DVD on Netflix or Blockbuster Online. (Ex: Tactics, Full Metal Panic, Clannad, Tsukihime, most of what I end up discussing.)

3 - I would go to an actual video rental place to try and rent a missing disc from the series (I did this with Kiddy Grade, Planetes, a few others.)

4 - I would purchase a missing disc from this series to finish it. (Example: Fate Stay Night. I actually bought the last DVD…)

5 - Even if I watched the whole thing with another method, I would buy the whole thing if it were priced low enough. (Ghost in the Shell/SAC, Cowboy Bebop, Haruhi Suzumiya, Firefly, Venture Brothers, Starship Operators…)

Any thoughts? Only problem with this is that 1 and 2 would be hard to distinguish sometimes. Sometimes I watch something on instant viewing, then wouldn’t be sure if I would have finished it if it were on disc.