Fairly active month for games and video, but not very active for books. Only managed to get half-way through one book. Probably because I was reading it on paper instead of on my phone.


7. Dragon Quest 5: I’ve already posted DQ5 Review on my site.

8. Sam and Max: The Tomb of SammunMak: Yet another great episode of this season of Sam and Max. The astral projection gimmick was great, and even though the rest of the toys weren’t as good as the first episode, the whole of the storyline was excellent.

9. Brave Story: New Traveler. A competent traditional RPG game. It also has some of the best made character models on the PSP. It’s amazing what you can do with textures, shaders, and a handful of polygons. Finished it in under 30 hours.


25. Full Metal Panic! Season 1. A decent enough show. Typical strength in battle depends on the strength of your will, and where the teenagers make the best pilots. Combine that with a weird little school tale…

26. Brazil. An insane tale of bureaucracy, and a sort of parody of 1984. More fun than 1984 though.

27. Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. A fairly mediocre anime with an interesting setting. A world where everything is under water except for a handful of cities that used to be underwater 100 years ago. It’s a decaying, crime ridden world. The primary story is interesting as well, but takes a long time to setup. The characters though are pretty much archetypes and never break free from those molds. The battle sequences and missions of the group seem to be just an excuse to draw mostly unclothed women, wearing things that apparently are held in place with nothing but superglue. The most annoying thing about the series is the whole big-brother-worship thing they have going on in the later episodes.

28. Colossus: The Forbin Project. A cold war film of mad scientists whose creation gets away from him. Typical.

29. Doctor who: The Spearhead from Space. The first third-doctor story. Interesting because it’s the first time the plastic robots show up, the same from the 9th doctor’s first story.

30. Doctor who: The Three Doctors. Bland and forgettable.

31. The Color of Magic & The Light Fantastic. A two part TV movie of the first two books of Discworld. Having read the books and watched the movie, I enjoyed the movie more than the books. The books were a bit of a slog. Good thing the later ones were better.

32. Ink. The whole tale of good vs. evil with nightmares and dreams. The fall of a man and his redemption… The Incubus in this movie are interesting looking.

33. Chrysalis. There was something that seemed off about this movie at first. I realized about 20 minutes in that the mouth movements were just a tiny bit off. I guess I watch too much anime. Anyway, a french film, and a mediocre one. About memories and the loss of both those memories, and friends. Interesting gimmick around it, having the ability to erase and write memories from others.

34. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Cheesy, but fun…

35. Parasite Dolls. Every week a robot goes crazy and starts killing. Interesting, but I think that the entire topic of if robots can have souls was handled better by Ghost in the Shell.

36. Black Adder series 1: It ended up being worth watching, but was a bit cringe worthy at times.

37. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Better than Chrysalis. Tells the story of people who try to forget the ones they used to love…

38. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Mostly forgettable.

39. Clannad Series 1: Clannad Thoughts

40. The Girl who Leapt through time. Watched this one right after Clannad. It invoked similar feelings to the prior. I think it might actually be a better story than Clannad. I have other thoughts, but they’d be spoilers…

41. Up. After watching the prior two, I saw this one. All of these together made me a bit depressed. Up is a great story though, but pretty sad for the first 12 minutes or so.

42. Pandorum. The tale of the first (and apparently only) colony ship that humanity sent out. A bit of a scifi horror movie. I really enjoyed it, despite the gore.

43. Cashback. Time manipulation wish fulfillment sort of thing. Guy breaks up with his girlfriend, then ultimately ends up learning to freeze time. Uses this ability to draw still life pictures of what lonely guys typically want to draw… All the while, working in a grocery store and interacting with the other crazy employees and managers.