Bad month for books and games. Been too busy to do that, so I’ve mostly been multitasking videos in amongst other things.


7. The Lion of the Farside - Interesting ideas behind this one. Alternate world sitting parallel to depression era america. Farmer marries a strange woman who turns out to be from the other world. People from the other world kidnap her, he follows. 


2. Last Rebellion - One of the easiest rpg’s I’ve ever played. Very uneven difficulty. Only took about 15 hours to beat and finish all optional content. So far, this is my favorite Hit Maker game, but that may change as I play through A Witch’s Tale. 


11. Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus - Fun older episode. 

12. Doctor Who: Lost in Time - This is the second doctor parts of the lost in time. Would have been better with more audio filler I think. 

13. Doctor Who: The Invasion - This is the kind of thing I would like to see more of. They filled in the two missing episodes with animated bits. Worked very well.

14. Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest - Seems a bit contrived, but ended well. A direct-to-animation doctor who set sometime in the new series 3rd year.

15. Tsukihime Lunar Legend - Only saw the first and last disc of this due to missing discs with netflix, so I missed enough of the storyline that I had no clue what was going on…

16. Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen - Fun… a little cheesy.

17. Doctor Who: The Mind Robber - Eh. *shrug*

18. Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death - I’m not sure I enjoyed this one. It had some good bits.

19. Hancock: I had really low expectations of this one. It met them, so I enjoyed it.

20. Torchwood Season 1: I’m not sure this show is for me…

21. Pitch Black: Another Riddick movie. At least made the last one I watched make a little more sense.

22. Donnie Darko: Not bad, a little weird.