Short one this month, didn’t get much done.

1. Doc Sidhe. Basic premise, what if all those old irish and other folk tales had some basis in reality, in an alternate world with limited capability of travel back and forth? Drop one or two humans into the fairy world, and watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque hijinks ensue. I admit, I randomly picked this one for the first book of the year because it was the shortest one in my stack…

2. A Logic named Joe. Great short story collection. Went from the shortest to the longest in my stack. I really need more of the old science fiction like this, It seems so hard to find good ones like this though.

3. Far side of the Stars. Another one of Drake’s Cinnibar Navy books. Always fun.

4. N-Space. Niven’s collection of random tales from conventions and meetings with other interesting people, combined with assorted selections from his novels and many interesting short stories. Recommended.

I haven’t finished any yet this year. :(

1. Pi. I was hoping for something more like Primer. Instead I get an artsy descent into paranoia and insanity. Maybe that’s what the two letters in the title stand for.

2. Doctor Who: The Romans. Very funny episode dealing with rather serious subject matter. 

3. Grave of the Fireflies. You know when your main character dies in the first 5 minutes and meets up with the ghost of his sister it is going to be an uplifting and enjoyable movie… But seriously kid… when the doctor tells you that your sister is dying of starvation and would be fine if she got enough food, swallow your pride, go back to the lady who at least fed you decently well, and work your tail off trying to get her approval by helping out the war effort any way you can. Volunteer at whatever they’ll let you volunteer at. If it was just you, I’d say you’re free to be a stubborn, spoiled brat and starve yourself to death, but you have someone depending on you…