#28: Baen’s Universe 2-5: The SciFi portion of this one was the best Baen’s Universe I’ve ever read.. I may update this in the comments, no time right now.

#29: Baen’s Universe 2-6: This one was a bit Ho-Hum compared to 2-5.


#5: Disgaea 2: About 35 hours and also a lot of fun. I wouldn’t have beaten it so fast without the DLC.
#6: Fallout 3 & DLC: 136 Hours total. X_x Lots of fun, lots of bugs.
#7: Pixeljunk Shooter: Very short, but interesting while it lasted. 


#49: Heroes Season 2: This show keeps getting grayer and grayer. Awfully short season. Interesting though.

#50: Visioneers: An interesting idea told in a boring manner.

#51: Dr. Strangelove: Rather amusing and silly. 

#52: UHF: Less amusing, but still silly. It had a few good moments. Like drinking from the firehose…

#53: Barton Fink: High concept film about those on the left who claim to speak for the little guys.

#54: THX 1138: Surprised I didn’t see this one before. A future film with a mild difference. Religious nutjobs combined with complete control of the populace by the government. All people mostly playing the role of good little drones.

#55: Paycheck: I was pleasantly surprised by this one, given that Matt Damon’s little buddy Ben Affleck in the lead role usually doesn’t make for a good film. It seemed to get bad reviews on most sites, but I still enjoyed it. 

#56: Smart People: A show about people who are fairly smart making fairly dumb choices, as is the norm. (Smart in one area, dumb in others.)