September edition… Not very full because I’ve been utterly hammered at work this month. In fact, all but 3 of the items on the list are from the first week of the month…

And I just heard the news about Baen’s Universe ending. I feel really bad now for canceling when I stopped having time to keep up with them. :( I’ll definitely buy the back issues for the magazine though…


#21: Igniting the Reaches. Retelling Drake’s story in space. It’s quite a stretch, but I see where he’s going with it.

#22: Baen’s Universe, Year 2 issue 2. Man, this is something like the Green issue of Baen’s universe aside from the first story. The first story is a post-scarcity thing where people have the freedom to pretty much do whatever they’re interested in, this one has two documentary writers competing to write a documentary about mars being terraformed. At the watering hole is murphy’s law first contact with aliens. Concentration of Dogs is a thought experiment in collective intelligence. Free space is about an arms dealer trying to dodge the export taxes and exposing people to radiation while doing it. 

Murphy’s War is one I find mildly naive and a bit absurd. A president that’s obviously trying to be a stand in for Bush takes an extreme religious view and absurd levels of cowboy attitude and starts nuclear war with China. The series alludes to hackers rigging the votes for this guy. They go on about absurd stereotypes only believed by the most naive of bloggers on both the American and Chinese side, then spin a web where peace is created by a bunch of hackers wrecking the computer systems for launching missiles for both sides.

Lord-Protectors Daughter was a lot of fun. Experimenting with high end powers, and accounting all in the same story. :) Creation: The Launch! I think the story by James P Hogan did this better. Basically, God as an insane hollywood director type. Hogan’s story was more fun with telling creation from the standpoint of an engineering firm dealing with all of the insane agencies and the like. Dark corners was a mildly bland nazi vs. faerie story… Squish was fun, intelligent ants… Didn’t find Mrs. Schrodinger’s cat all that interesting. 

#2 Front Mission 1: Definitely not the best in the series, and has a number of flaws, but it’s still a lot of fun for the character strategy RPG loving segments of the population. Took me about 25-30 hours to complete both storylines once.

DVD Series

#30: Read or Die TV: Excellent series, a lot of fun. Mostly new characters for the first half, and some of the characters you would only know if you read the Manga, rather than from the movie.

#31: Flight of the Conchords Season 1: A bit disappointing. I like a fair subset of their songs, but their TV series is just a little daft and uninteresting.

#32: Scrapped Princess. At first this seemed like a silly fantasy show, but it drifted off towards a very Gurren Lagann style storyline. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it for non-anime fans.

#33: Mezzo: I chewed through this one on netflix watch instantly in about 2 nights. It’s not really a great show or anything, but it was fairly good for what it was. It feels like the characters are scrambled up remixes of all the Cowboy Bebop character’s traits. The thing doesn’t go solidly to detective/mercenary stuff however, there’s a fair bit of supernatural and alien junk in it. There were a few of good episodes and a handful of not-so-good episodes. 

#34: Kite Liberator: Like Mezzo, this one isn’t all that great, but it’s OK. It’s a little too coincidental how it turns out though. 

#35: Divergence Eve: Absolutely awful. Terrible. Dreadful CGI, terrible acting, lots of graphical glitches, absurd storyline, etc. The only redeeming quality was the first few episodes had an interesting history where it explains how humans found FTL travel, with the original transmissions from earth bouncing back through FTL conduits from other stars. Interesting idea, but it’s not worth sitting through the series for that 3-4 minutes of interesting stuff. I only watched the first and last DVD, I doubt the middle one could have done anything to save the series.