Reading a new comic called Templar, Arizona. It’s mildly political, but in a way that keeps me guessing about what the author’s own views are. But one thing in particular made me think.

One of the characters espouses the idea that all prisons should be Vegan. I have no problem with people who themselves want to be vegan as long as they’re not trying to use the government to force me to do the same, but in this case I don’t have such a clearcut view on it. As long as the people in prison are there because they did something truly bad that damages other people, and not just because of some political law that is there just so they can arrest whoever they want, then I really don’t have a problem with prisons serving only a certain kind of food. 

Prison is not there to be a resort playground. It’s there as both a consequence and deterrent to bad acting in a society, and as a way to keep them from doing it again. Our current prison system is a lousy deterrent, and a poor consequence for many actions. It would probably be better to go to a purely economic penalty system than our current system as a deterrent. 

Don’t give me anything about cruel punishment with that diet. Back in the feudal days that’s all anyone but the nobility had. 

I wouldn’t agree with spending money on special vegan meals though. Just get a contract with the various grocery stores to get whatever they throw out for the day cheap, and hand the mess off to the kitchen workers to try and do something with.