Darth Paradox just posted another, so I figured I’d post my own update even though it’s not the end of the month yet. 

#17: Baens Universe: Volume 2 Issue 1. Big Guy: Story about giving a thirsty man water, and him gorging on it, or rather, an emotion starved android emotions. Running Water: Fun little adventure tale about a world where the coastal towns in california will do anything for water, and the future tech submarines they use to get it. Thin Ice is a thin story about aliens and an ice skater on the moon. *shrug* Weredragons of Mars starts as a wierd story of generational colonization ships, but turns into something even weirder. Swing time is the story of very odd time travelers who don’t need machines… 

Cryptic coloration, students falling in love with the professor story with a twist. Littlest Wyrmmaid. I’m sure you see the pun already. Child, girl, woman, crone… This one is actually very interesting with navajo mythologies and other native south-western gods and the like. Realm of Words is just a groan-worthy excuse to try and make a obtuse point about DRM.

Giant killer was quite fun, though I pretty much guessed what was going on before the story tells you.

Touching the dead is excellent, a psychic detective sort of story. Chicken Soup was another shaggy dog-ish story. Chirus Fever was a good little adventure story too. 

And Fish Tales continues to not be my thing at all.

#18: Spheres of Heaven. Trapped in the solar system by aliens that think humans are too violent, 3 races of absurdly pacifist aliens, and a mystery gateway that could be the key to humans getting out into the universe… Fun, though I don’t agree with some of its views…

#19: The Dance of Time. The last Belisarius book. If you haven’t read this series, you really should. It’s lots of fun. This is the first paper book I’ve read since the First Meetings Orson Scott Card book. 

Currently reading the Reaches series from David Drake…

#1: Dragon Quest 4. I’m not sure if this is the first game I’ve finished this year, but with my limited time it might be. -_- Might be the second or third. I did finish Flower and Braid, but those hardly count.


#25: Mahoromatic Summer Special. I must be a masochist because I already knew how painful this series was, but I went back and watched another dvd of it anyway. 

#26: Appleseed. The first one. I think that both the remake and Deus Ex Machina are better. This one seemed a bit lacking. Maybe it’s just how old it was.

#27: Doctor Who, Planet of the Dead. A great adventure, and a worthy entry in the last 4 episodes for the current doctor.

#28: Starship Operators. I’ve already commented on this one before, it’s great. It’s so good that I even posted about it out of sequence. 5-stars for me.

#29: El Hazard: The Alternative World. Another oldie. Standard fare for what usually got translated back in the dusty old days of them first bringing anime over. Not great.