For ages now I’ve been operating my entire network presence off a single server, This worked out pretty well as the antiquated 2.4ghz celeron was solid and hardly ever needed attention. Unfortunately my company was purchased and I needed a new home for my web/irc/etc hosting.

I had some parts laying about that I was going to upgrade Precis with, so I took the oppourtunity to buy the last few remaining bits and assemble them. Phenom x4 with 2.0ghz and 1gig of ram, 160gig mirrored hard drives. 

http://Yukiko.Arkaic.Com : This one is half-donated to Bookworm and Nightstar, and is hosted by . We had been planning on donating parts to Bookworm anyway, but hadn’t heard about the status of the project. This way we can get an upgrade of the Troika cluster and I can get my web hosting done at the same time. : this one doesn’t have a webpage up, but it’s a $20 per month instance. My current plan is to have everything hosted on Yukiko, and have Yukiko dump out the Postgres and ZoDB databases and rsync them hourly back to Chie. If disaster strikes, I can have everything up and running on Chie within an hour, and point all the domains back using Dyndns Custom DNS hosting. Yukiko and Chie both have IPv6 tunneled through on Hurricane Electric. : No webpage either, but this is hosted on for $8 per month. It’s the second spare server in my system. The plan is to do daily backups to this, so that if I ever have a complete disaster where somehow both of my other servers go down at the same time, I can import all the data here and be back up. It’s only 40gig transfer though so I can’t do the Hourly backup here. Prgmr is a bit of a mom and pop sort of xen hosting company, but they seem competent and fun to chat with on their freenode irc channel. Some of their hosting sites have ipv6, and others don’t. I’m currently on a Doesn’t have IPv6 node, but will eventually have that when they get the new router built.