I’d pretty much stopped reading back when my palmtop died last. Since they gave me a blackberry at work though, I’ve been working through the backlog of books I bought from Baen but never actually read.

The first one was The Hero, in the Aldenata series with the posleen, darheel, and such. This is set about 1000 years after the rest of the series. I’d probably put it at between 3 and 3.5 stars. It’s interesting, but ultimately a little flat compared to the main series. There’s only two characters that really matter by the end of it, and only one is truly an interesting creature. He’s also from the most reviled race of critters in the first set of books other than the posleen.

Then I read another John Ringo book, Into the Looking Glass. Interesting start to a series, instant transport between worlds using Higgs Boson generated wormholes. Lots of science, guns, etc.

Most recently, Midnight at the Well of Souls. It’s not related to the first two really, other than some vague political similarities with The Hero’s world, and some vague theology themes with Into the Looking Glass. A world created by a long dead race, with gateways to that world from all over the universe. People who stumble on a gateway gets transported to a world covered in hexagons, each with a different biosphere and a different intelligent race… and they are randomly converted to one race and stuck on that hex. 

They can travel to the poles, from any hex, but only back to their hex from the poles. I think that would make an interesting travel mechanism for a game…

¾ths done with the Witches of Karres… Will need to write something up on it later.