Please don’t take government money. It will destroy you. Look at other things that are subsidized by the government and how badly they are doing, and how expensive their products are… like Amtrak. 

Chrysler and GM both make great products, and I’m sure Ford has made at least one passable product at some point. If the government gets a stake in them, not only will they end up making lousy products, but they will be beholden to the government in every decision they make, and it will make it harder for competitors to get a foothold.

I’m currently planning on buying either a Jeep Compass or Jeep Patriot when my current auto loan is paid off. If Chrysler takes this bailout and is partially owned by the government, I will look elsewhere for my next car. I just refuse to buy a product from a government owned company because of the degree to which they damage capitalism.

If Chrysler is partially owned by the government in 2 years, I will instead buy a Subaru… or some other quality car. I’ll probably do the same even if they take the bailout without having to give up stock.