I mentioned earlier that I had moved off Bresnan.

They apologized however, so I’m back on their internet service. I still have the DSL as a backup. Currently, I’m manually setting up the routes so that I have two routers (my linux box as the DSL router, and my linksys as the cable router) both with default routes and different level metrics so that it picks the faster line as long as it is up. 

And boy is it a faster line. Qwest DSL promised me a 1.5mbit down 892kbit up, but in the end delivered 640 down and 256 up, at the same price. For an even lower price, Bresnan has 15mbit down and 1mbit up. 

I think as it is going to be entirely a backup line, I’ll drop the DSL down to the lowest cost 256/256 connection.