This post is no longer valid, retained for history.

Bresnan cable… They have a good internet service but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. 

I’ve been a loyal subscriber to the local cable internet service since it was AT&T@HOME, years ago. I’ve been through several transitions, to AT&TBI, to Comcast, and then to Bresnan. I recently moved across town and I brought my cable box and my cable modem with me. The former owners of the house also had both cable internet and TV, so everything worked perfectly when I plugged them in. I called bresnan up late in september and asked to transfer the service over. They said that they needed to go to the house, and that their first appointment was 3 weeks out. I told them that I was extremely busy and that 3 weeks was too long to wait, and asked why they needed to come out and if there is anything I could do instead. 

They said the main reason they needed to come out was to collect the equipment from the former owners. I told them I’d take it in for them and that I didn’t want to do an appointment (especially when I had a new baby that had as many as 5 doctors appointments per week, no guarantees ahead of time that I would be at the house.)

3 weeks later, they came anyway while I was at a doctors appointment. The next day, they cut the cable off. 

We called in about 3 times and finally scheduled them to come out and do their pointless visit 2 weeks further along and reconnected the cable services, saying that they should remain up until that appointment… on the 5th of november.

The 31st of october rolls around… and they disconnect the cable again. This time they are considerably harder to work with, saying that we missed the appointment so we had no reason to be upset with them. They first gave me an excuse of “it’s disconnected at the pole, that’s why we have to send someone out.” When I pointed out that this was an obvious lie, that I not only had Analog tv still, but I was still getting a 10.* address from their servers on the cable modem, and that they didn’t need to come into my house to reconnect something at the pole, they changed their story. Now they say they need to “recalibrate the modem and cable box for that loop” which is another lie because both that box and that cable modem were ones that I picked up from their office and installed myself at my old residence with nobody visiting whatsoever. 

I impressed upon them the fact that I couldn’t be without my internet phone for 6 days, and that they would cost me a considerable amount of time driving into the office 6 days straight early in the morning to send reports off. Nothing would sway them to even temporarily hook the device up, and they told me to go to the local office. 

The local office said roughly the same thing as the central office, adding that they sent someone out to the house “because that’s just the way we do things." 

And I just don’t put up with being lied to 3 times, and I don’t put up with flaky internet connections. I rely on solid internet for my job. 

I now have Qwest DSL and Dish Network TV. Bresnan just lost $140 per month because they were unwilling to compromise their bureaucracy and actually provide service to their long time customers. Qwest managed to get someone out in 5 days, dish network managed it in 2 to brand new customers, when the best Bresnan could do was 3.5 weeks the first time, and 2 weeks the second time to someone who has been giving them $60-140 per month for 6 years. 

My friend has similar horror stories of moving with Bresnan, but they didn’t disconnect him the second time.