I’m not entirely convinced, but I can tell you that all of the attacks the mainstream media has been throwing out makes me think that they genuinely fear her. I’d love to see someone with Western sensibility back in the white house.

I still think it’s absolutely frightening that of the 2 main parties, Palin is the only candidate for national executive office with any experience operating a large organization as the executive. Granted, it’s only about 2 years running an organization with a budget of 6 billion, but it’s more years of executive experience running anything than McCain, Biden, and Obama combined. You have to go all the way to the VP candidate of the Libertarian party to find someone with more executive experience. (Wayne Allyn Root has run a small business for years. Likely far less of a budget though, but he had to keep it successful, governments don’t have that problem and can continue even if they’re not successful in any way.)