I mentioned how I was still using the same old Logitech mouse that I bought years ago back in February. 

This mouse gets between 1 and 2 months of battery life per set. It works great, but I recently heard about a new series of mice from logitech. Laser mice such as the MX600, which claim battery lives in the 6 month range. Not only that but it has far more buttons than the older one. 

A forward and backward thumb button, a zoom button and 100% button set, plus the standard 3 buttons.

The ones that caused me some problems though were the left and right scroll, and left and right scroll click buttons built into the scroll wheel. I kept pressing the scroll wheel down and wondering why the middle click wasn’t taking effect.

It turns out that it’s hard to tell when you push down on the mouse button if you pushed it straight down, or more to the left or right. I found a program that lets me reassign these though. Now the right and left scroll click are also middle button clicks. The plus on this is that middle clicks take far less effort. I normally have my finger on the left mouse button, right up next to the scroll wheel, that way with minimal effort I can scroll, and click, only having to really move my finger to do the middle mouse button click. Now I just push on the side of the scroll wheel and it does that click as well. Hurrah for laziness!

Now I just need to replace my keyboard, so I can take my old mouse and keyboard to work and replace this HP keyboard and cheap ball mouse I use there.