I have quite a bit I want to write about, none of them for very long though.

Disgaea 1:
I’ve managed to finish off Disgaea 1. Excellent game. I’m really short on time though, Disgaea 3 comes out on the 26th and I want to play far enough into Disgaea 2 to get a feel for its combat system before I move on to 3. Already 2 seems like they’ve fixed some of the balance issues with the Cleric/healing classes and made the Bonus Gauge easier to fill without clearing the geopanel puzzles.

Russia and Georgia:
I think this article is very good on this subject… 
How ‘old’ Europe let Georgia down
It’s a tough situation. Russia has been applying every possible attack they could think of short of full out war over the years and Georgia with their very free market system (Think US Pre-progressive revolution) and managing to divert their own activities around whatever russia throws at them. They finally decided to do a quiet invasion of Georgia through a couple of the provinces still friendly to Russia, and start giving citizenship to the people in those areas and building up a miniature Russian army inside of Georgia. 

I’ve heard rumors that the reason georgia tried to retake these areas was they were getting reports that native georgians who were opposed to the russian invasion were getting rounded up and killed. 

In any case, they played into Russias hands by giving them a Kosovo style reason to do a full out invasion… And unfortunately some useful idiots in the western world are going along with them. I really hope that we find a way to help georgia in this and at least push russia back to the border of those 2 provinces.

This is a Totalitarian/Fascist Regime vs. a Free State. There’s no doubt on which side any rational person should be on.

I’m not paying attention to the Olympics in the least, except to note that they have a full ipv6 site up that’s better than the anemic one that google put out… and that the One World - One Dream thing they have up there is awfully frightening…

I’m really liking this IPv6 thing. I now have reverse lookups for all my internal hosts, and all of my subdomains on dual-stack hostnames. 

I’ve ported Ennesbot to IPv6 too! Yay!

Everyone should install 6to4 on their router if they can. OpenWRT users, and those with linux nat gateways, it’s mindnumbingly easy, and the more people that go to IPv6, the more we can get away from the evils of NAT and all of the problems that come along with it.