Much has been made of the announcements recently of 4 Xbox360 RPG games. 3 Square and 1 Namco. People have been questioning the logic of this given that the 360 does poorly in japan and japan is the major market for RPG games. If you look at the groups in square and the titles being made it’s obvious why they’re doing it this way.

Star Ocean 4: Tri-Ace, Action RPG
Star Ocean 2 and 3 were both action RPGs as well.
Infinite Undiscovery: Tri-Ace, most likely an Action RPG
Tri-ace is nearly always action rpg.
Last Remnant: Square, uses ut3 engine, so likely Action RPG
Tales of Vespera: Namco, Action RPG
The tales series is always action rpg.

Guess which type of RPG works well in the US? Action RPGs 
Guess which type is more popular in Japan? Non-action RPGs

The FF13 series and many other non-action games are still slated for the PS3.

It’s actually a pretty shrewd move on the part of Square and Namco. It just may not do much to help MS on their japanese sales.