I must have been taxing my poor windows box too much this week with all that Eve Online playing. It’s gone and croaked itself. tried narrowing down the possibilities and determined that it is most likely the motherboard. 

Yanked my hard drives out and stuck them in alternate linux boxes.

In the meantime, I managed to get Eve Online working pretty well on my linux system, moved the sound over, moved the windows box monitor over, etc. I tried booting the windows drive in KVM, but alas windows is too bloody stupid to recognize when the drivers should change. I’m going to install it from scratch in kvm to run those very few applications that really need windows and don’t need a 3d card. 

Everett Kaser stuff should work fine with wine. My tax software and so forth should work in kvm. The only things I will not have access to are things on my U3 drive (I’ll have to see if i can get this working in kvm), Galactic Civilizations 2, Mr. Robot, and Starscape. It sure would be nice if there was a way to make a virtual 3d card that a windows virtual computer could latch onto.

More depressingly, this is the same computer I promised to my brother when I got my upgrade next month. Grrrr… I dropped the carcass off at his house in case he wants to try swapping the motherboard out on it.