I heard recently that Jolie has obtained the movie rights for Atlas Shrugged. The immediate question was one of “can one of those Hollywood types NOT butcher the whole idea of the book." 

I was rather pessimistic about it. I’ve encountered another thing that says that it might be less an assured trainwreck, and more of a probable trainwreck. 


Most Hollywood types will rail on the US for not doing something about Darfur, but will then turn around and rail against the US for being in Iraq, never mind that if we bailed on Iraq it would make Darfur look like a family picnic. Jolie at least is being consistent on this issue, saying that we should take care of the humanitarian issues in Iraq too. (We were the catalyst for opening up those humanitarian issues that had been buried underground under Saddam, so we really should stick around to stabilize it.)

If she truly is a fan of Ayn Rand, hopefully she won’t butcher this as bad as it would most likely be butchered under the average Hollywood socialist.