I love my logitech parts. This keyboard’s keys are darn near worn off of it, and it still works. 2 weeks ago I picked up another mouse because I thought my old logitech beast was giving up the ghost as the wheel stopped working. 

The mouse has the entire palm area’s paint worn off, along with a nice worn spot next to the wheel on the button. (I spin the wheel with the edge of my finger, so I seem to be wearing that little spot off the button itself…) The rubber pad on the right side has completely worn off, and the left side is well on its way to losing that pad. 

I went and grabbed a dual-wheel wired mouse. I hate it… The software is nowhere near as good as what I get from logitech. I was just about to toss the old mouse when I looked closely and saw some fluff and dusty fuzz sticking out of the button around the wheel.

30 minutes of tinkering later, the wheel is cleaned off and working better than when it was new, but I found a little piece of metal that makes it click into position at various points and removed it. It now has a feel much like those more modern mice where the wheels are free spinning. The mouse is better than new, short of all the cosmetic problems.