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19% of conservatives will vote third party this year most likely. 10% will stay home. This is the perfect time for a third party to show that they’re serious. If a third party candidate pulls in enough votes that they would have changed the election if they voted for McCain, then it will do one of two things. A. it’ll encourage the republicans to swing back to their roots away from this big socialist government kick they’ve been on to get those votes back. B. If they don’t swing back enough, it’ll allow people to see that the third party that gets the most votes might actually be viable and may not be throwing your vote away.

Right now, of all the third party candidates I’ve seen, one of the libertarian front runners, Wayne Root has the most appealing and comprehensive platform for liberty leaning republicans. He’s a former republican who understands tax cuts, who understands how freeing an economy can help it function better, and seems to be an excellent and enthusiastic speaker. I certainly hope he gets the libertarian nomination, because he’s said he’s in this for the long term over the next 12 years, trying to accomplish B above. If he can get those 29% of conservatives, along with the normal 3-5% of the population that normally votes libertarian, and the 3-25% of the republican party that voted for Ron Paul… We might just have a real contest on our hands.