I think this stimulus package breaks one of my essential rules on how to make a market economy work. You can’t have any situation anywhere that would make it so you would lose money by earning one additional dollar.

In this case, if you earn 74999 a year, you get a bonus check from the government. This apparently can be up to 1200 or 1500?
But if you earn 75000 a year, one dollar more, you get 0. 

Bad government! No votes for you, incumbents.

However, cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of this term. Please step on this floating platform here…

(Never mind all the other things that are wrong with the stimulus package… Like the fact that it’ll not do a darn thing for the economy. It’s just another way of pumping aspirin into the economy to keep people from feeling pain when they really need to, and it’ll lead to inflation at the same time.)