Stupid wired story (Link Dead)

First, the link I clicked on to get to the story was “Wired: US can’t get it’s Greenhouse Act Together.” This kind of irritated me, so I wanted to see what kind of misleading garbage it was. The most absurd part is that it’s not the US, but the rest of the world that can’t get its act together. Most of them signed the Kyoto treaty, and can’t meet its goals. The US is one of the few countries in the world that actually DECREASED the greenhouse emissions, and we didn’t ratify the treaty. Clearly, international treaties for such things are utterly useless even if it was a real problem.

The second thing I happened upon was… 

The United States, the world’s largest producer of such gases,

From what I understand, as of sometime earlier this year, the US is no longer the world’s largest producer of such gases. China is now the world’s leading producer of such gases in the air. (So much so, that in the INCREASE in CO2 alone over the next 12 years over what they’re putting out now, they’re going to put as much into the air as 3 billion ford expeditions would driven a normal amount every year.)

Really, the whole concept is flawed anyway. It’s rather irritating that we have Bush now stupidly following along with the nonsense. People are blowing this up to such absurd proportions, multiplying any potential impact that the scientists state by 10-100 times in order to make it something large enough to affect anything negatively. The absolute most absurd part is that the hottest year on record in the past 100 or so is still 1934, and we’re still cooler than we were in the 90’s right now. We’re not getting any sort of solid and unwavering warming trend in the recent history contrary to the predictions of the climate change alarmists. 

We’re actually warmer than we were in the 1970’s, but that was back when the scientists had a ‘consensus’ that we were approaching a new ice age and that global cooling was going to kill us all.