Eve Online has teamed up with Cedega to provide Linux and OSX support for their game. For those that don’t know, Cedega is a variant of WINE that you have to subscribe to for $5 per month. In exchange, you get the program and updates for future games support.

You also get to vote on what games will be supported next. This creates a catch-22 that is the crux of my problem. 

I have two desktop systems now. One, puny little Sempron64 system with a really high end video card that runs Windows. This is almost entirely for playing games.

One Athlon64x2 system with a crappy video card that runs Linux. Serious work goes on here rather than games. 

In order to turn my secondary desktop running windows into a secondary desktop running Linux, I need to know I can still use my games. Final Fantasy 11, Sherlock, GalCiv2, Eve Online, Mr. Robot, Starscape, and a handful of other puzzlers. Now would be a good time to explore it, since Eve Online now joins Sherlock as things known to work fine in linux. (Supporting most of Stardock and most of Moonpod games would go a long way to me getting Cedega.)

The reason to do this would be two. Get my linux desktop running faster with 3d interfaces and such. Second, to save money on keeping my windows desktop updated. Without games, I don’t need to keep its video up to date, or its processor more than 3-4 steps behind the times. That would free up the money to pay for Cedega. 

If I do it with some of my stuff still running in Windows, it would be detrimental to my pocketbook. I’d have to keep both systems up to date on their video cards, and I can’t really share the cards between linux and windows because I buy different brands for the two OSes. (ATI for Windows, because ATI’s dualscreen is better in windows and horribly buggy in linux. Nvidia for Linux because Nvidia’s dualscreen is better in Linux and horribly buggy in windows.) (Man do I ever miss Matrox cards. :( )

Cedega, give us the ability to pledge to subscribe for certain gamesets, and/or the ability to pledge money towards a specific game’s support!