Is there anything positive they won’t take credit for?

That might be the Republican’s problems back in the day though. It’s hard to take credit for getting the heck out of the way and letting the system work without your interference. Modern republicans get in the way as much as democrats do though. ;)

To be honest though, it’s largely demographic. Baseball teams are put places because they have large population centers. Large population centers overwhelmingly go democrat. (Discussion of why can be left for another topic.) Because of this, most baseball teams are in democrat controlled areas. I summed this up against the governor chart, and came up with 13 republican and 17 democrat-or-similarly-thinking-people (like eastern canadians and people in washington DC.) This goes to 8 Republican and 22 democrat held teams if you accept Ritter’s assertion that Ahnold isn’t really a republican. 

It is an amusing quip as long as you understand the reasons behind it.