(Link Dead)

China is adding an antifreeze like chemical to their toothpaste to make them taste better. Never mind that its a toxic substance. 

Another in a long line of china lying to their customers. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to buy anything anymore unless its made in china. Of course, China is dismissing that there’s any problem at all… As is typical of a corrupt system where the customer/individual/etc doesn’t matter. 

Meanwhile, America continues to hang its hat on Intellectual property, forgetting the lessons that Britain learned. To grow your economy and enrich your country, import raw materials, export finished products. China is now exploding due to their exporting of finished products, while America continues to have a trade deficit with the world… IP is fine and all, but it’s building your house on a foundation of tissue paper. There’s nothing real, and you have to pass and enforce all kinds of laws on your and other countries to keep them from cheating the system.