(Link Dead)

“A lot of animal food companies buy melamine from us to add in the animal feed,” Ji said. “This can lower the production cost and increase nitrogen levels.”

Ji played down the risk, saying that despite China’s repeated food safety scares, the companies could be trusted to use melamine safely.

“I believe it won’t do any harm if there is only very small amount,” Ji said. “Otherwise, those companies could not do that.”

Never mind that they’re blatantly lying to their customers, adding nitrogen to fool a test that uses nitrogen to detect protein levels. This is very bad business practice.

It looks like the Chinese companies involved not only added a potential toxin to food they were selling to the rest of the world, they did it to make their product look better than it actually was dishonestly. I’m wondering when the backlash against chinese products will happen, if ever though. Though I doubt it will come as a shock that *gasp* China is selling inferior products *gasp* like Capacitors that blow up and leak, or Flour with added junk to make it look like it has protein in it. 

Adding melamine to flour is kind of like adding a racing stripe or flames to a Honda Civic then telling the buyer that it’s a racing car. We should kind of expect it from an immature economy that they would do immature things like falsifying tests to make their products more valuable. Not to mention the added component of their government being oppressive and corrupt would aid in letting them feel good about being corrupt towards their customers.