Instead of left and right media this time, it’s pro-sony and anti-sony media. Two stories that seem completely contradictory until you look deeper. In this case, it’s 2 stories on each side.

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So, which is it, are the PS3 preorders the fastest ever, or are they very slow like the article with the snail suggests?

The anti-sony articles touch on this very lightly, the second more than the first, but the real story is likely that Sony has just allocated far more consoles than either Nintendo or MS to europe. They have the luxury of doing this because unlike the other two, they waited until their manufacturing technology was solid before moving to that market. If it had been a level playing field with sony launching all 3 markets at the same time, they would have likely seen similar numbers to the 360 and Wii in preorders able to be fulfilled. What is interesting is that they had the same luxury with the PS2 in America, but either intentionally withheld consoles, or couldn’t produce as many PS2s as they had PS3s in europe. 

It looks like a shifting in launch strategies for Sony, one that seems to be getting them more negative press than the intentional shortage debacle back in 2000. They’re actually producing more than enough consoles for every market.

In any case, I wish there were more news outlets that would tie both sides of the story together, instead of giving it to us piecemeal and leaving confusion and contradiction in their wake.