The Very Quick Play-Count Meme

Howard posted this, so I figured it was of high enough quality for my dreky lj here.

For this little three-question game you’ll need some sort of play-count record on your mp3 library. No guessing!

1) What’s the most-played track in your mp3 collection, and how many times has it been played?
Interpol - PDA: 15

2) Divide that play count in half and round up. What’s the nearest song?
There are 15 songs on my list that have 8 plays. A few highlights: Bis - Dead Wrestlers, Smashing Pumpkins - Stand Inside Your Love, Apples in Stereo - Baroque, Interpol - Hands away, The Presidents of the United States of America - Lump, The Hives - A get together to tear it apart.

3) Divide that play count in half, and round up again.
There are 100 tracks on my list that have 4 plays… Too many to even summarize, so here’s my list. 

4) Care to explain yourself?
I need to start using the scrobbler at work, because I rarely listen to music anywhere but at work or in the car. Too many other choices for entertainment at home. Interpol is a superb band, and one that deserves more recognition. This may be more interesting though if I talk about what bands that match these criterion…

1) Top band? 
Dressy Bessy: 173 plays

2) Half?
The White Stripes: 88 plays

3) Half again?
Tears for Fears: 42 plays

4) Why?

Dressy Bessy, like They might be giants at #2, tops my list just because I have so much of their stuff. Both of them have their entire catalog up on and both of them make lots of very tiny songs. I think to make up for it I need to get more cds from other bands. White stripes are good, but not my favorite. Tears for Fears made 2 excellent CDs early on, and several decent CDs later. I got on a kick of listening to their cd “The Hurting” awhile back. It’s excellent.