Well, the PS3 is a big hit with my brother, who has come over 4 times already to play multi-player games with me. He never did this when I had the PS1/2… Not once.

We played all the way through Resistance in Co-op mode, and then went half-way through again. Also went through some chapters in Untold Legends.

I tried to rope him into a death-match of Ratchet and Clank 3… He says the graphics suck too much… I suppose I shouldn’t bother getting a Wii then if I want to use it multi-player. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next release of R&C then. I can see his point. Trying to use the sniper rifle in R&C3 is a nightmare of picking out a tiny red or blue dot on the screen to zoom in on, vs. seeing quite a few more pixels in resistance. In split screen, 480p is just horrid.

I was going to give him a used PS2 for christmas, Maybe I should give him a gift card instead to use towards a Xbox360 or PS3 of his own.