Pennies now cost 1.73 cents to make and the government is getting so panicked about people melting them down for their raw materials that they’re issuing laws against it.

Like the companies who release printers at a loss to make money on their printer cartridges, the government needs to stop using a business model where they are forced to circumvent freedom in order to make it work. It’s bad when the government allows the printer manufacturers to use copyright law against its consumers this way, its atrocious when the government themselves pass laws to do this. 

It’s really time to investigate eliminating the penny entirely. It’s gotten to where it’s worth so little that it is a burden to consumers.

As for the nickel, they could probably rework its alloys to make it cost less than 5 cents, like they did previously with the penny.

I think it’s also time to start phasing out the dollar bill as well… Of all the types of currency I have, the two I try to minimize my possession of the most in a transaction are dollars and pennies…