The PS3’s starting to get more and more information released about it. First, there’s a picture of what is underneath the PS3’shard drive flap finally. If the information that’s been out over the last 2 years is correct, it should accept any 2.5 inch SATA drive. $170 for a 160 gig drive on newegg.

Next, there’s the complete manual to the PS3. This has a number of interesting gems in it. First, A format utility is included that can also format the hard drive on the system. It doesn’t erase the system settings though, so it apparently doesn’t completely wipe the drive out. The restore PS3 function, however, looks like it can blank a hard drive and prepare it for use in the PS3. I’ll have to try it out here next week. It also has the option of installing other operating systems. This was stated before and is essential for Yellowdog Linux, for example, but it’s nice to have official confirmation. What’s even more interesting is that it apparently has An open platform site on making new OSes for the system. It’s blank at the moment, but should be filled in soon hopefully. You can also make it boot by default to a different OS. If you want to play games though, all you have to do is hold down the power sensor for 5 seconds on bootup and it’ll go to the standard OS instead. What I don’t know is if this means it can’t have more than 2 OSes or not. 

It has a screensaver of some sort, but its hard to tell exactly what it is until it arrives. PSPs will only connect to the high end PS3, at the beginning at least. remote play only on 60gb models but sony has hinted that a structured method is in the works, where you can connect to your PS3 through the internet or through a secondary wireless router in your house. This is what I was gambling on when I went for the lower end one. If they don’t end up getting the structured method going, oh well. I guess I won’t be buying a PSP from them.

My original idea of hooking the PS3 up to my monitor with a HDMI to DVI cable won’t work. It requires HDCP even for game content…

As for the potentially bad stuff, You can import tracks from a cd but it may refuse to do so with certain copyrighted cds.