I’m beginning to think the Democrat party will keep the Colorado house and gain the governorship through utterly dishonest means. They’re taking a very pro-consumer pro-taxpayer measure that the republicans either voted for or supported, and telling only half the story to make it sound utterly anti-taxpayer and anti-consumer. I suspect the only branch of the republicans I still like, the fiscal conservatives, are going to lose most of their seats due to these lies by selective reporting. We’ll be left with tax-happy republicans like our current governor, and tax-happy democrats like the two running these ads locally.

I have my own problems with the fair-tax, but the railroading that the democrats are doing with it through their puppet media sources like MediaMatters and through faux-conservative groups on talk radio is despicable. 

The fairtax IS a sales tax, but it is fully counteracted by the elimination of all federal income taxes and many other forms of tax. It would completely eliminate the IRS, and we all know how much fun THEY are to deal with. 

Its goal is to put all taxes fully out in the open and eliminate all of the hidden taxes that we pay already. When you get your paycheck and there’s a set amount of Gross pay prior to taking taxes out, what you don’t see is the hidden payroll tax that essentially doubles the taxes you’re effectively paying to the government. Every product you buy has hidden sales taxes that the businesses roll into the prices of goods. The fair tax says that the primary taxation is a sales tax with certain exemptions for some items. The amount of tax you are paying by buying the item will be clearly labelled on the item so you know exactly how much the government is soaking you. 

This part is unclear to me, I haven’t read the fairtax book, but apparently the induction phase of the new tax law would involve taking all tax costs involved with a product and dropping the price of the product by that amount, then adding that amount of tax back to it. This apparently leaves the price of all goods you buy the same. The amount you are paid by your employer would be near your net take-home pay is now, and no taxes would be taken from it. The amount the government collects will be essentially the same, the amount of buying power you have would be essentially the same. 

The plan is supported by a ton of small government conservatives, quite a few libertarians, and the definitive book was written by a libertarian (Neal Boortz.)

Beauprez I don’t want to vote for for other reasons, and Bob Caskey isn’t in my district. I’m seriously considering changing my vote for governor even though I want to vote for Dawn Winkler (libertarian) just to counteract this travesty. 

The very people who these ads are supporting are the same ones who in their first year of having a state legislative majority utterly slaughtered the Taxpayer’s Bill of rights and put in a multi-billion dollar state-tax increase. They were only narrowly defeated in borrowing several billion dollars to pad out their current spending so they could increase taxes by several MORE billion dollars in the future.

It’s just sickening, really.