I know I’ve professed how much I like my senator, Wayne Allard, before in this blog. I found another reason to like him though. He scored a 98% on the “club for growth” index of fiscal responsibility. My other senator only scored a miserable 3%. My other senator’s brother, who happens to be my congressional rep, scored an also miserable 15%. He also scored 0 out of 19 on anti-pork legislation. 
Congress scorecard Senate scorecard (Links Dead)

Looking at the criterion, they look quite reasonable, other than the ANWAR thing they figure in that could be opposed on other grounds. Those with a low score voted against cutting discretionary spending, against free trade, and for keeping and expanding that very bad protectionist law that the Canadians keep complaining about with Softwood. They also voted against a measure that would slow the rate of increase of federal budgets…

It’s depressing that 2/3rds of my representation to the government are part of the problem with regards to out of control spending.