Dark Cloud 2… I’ve had the game for nearly 3 years. Almost a year ago I first tried to beat the final boss of the game. Because of the 5 minute time limit and the difficulties in actually attacking the boss, I had a really hard time on the last boss. That, and it took almost 20 minutes of fighting sub-bosses between the time you can save and the final boss.

I just spent about 6 hours tonight powering up my ranged weapons (Magic armlet / gun) and once I got both up to above 200 attack I tried it again.

How did it go this time? 

About 60 seconds into the battle he was toast. I didn’t even have both weapons up to their maximum either… I wonder how long it would have taken if I had a 500 attack Supernova to use?

Now I need to do the bonus dungeon sometime…