Finished the Human side of Radiata Stories. The ending wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting it to be, really. I think I’ll finish up the bonus dungeon then play a different game for awhile. Playing this one for 60 hours so far has gotten me a bit bored with it.

I did get every possible character on the human side though (except the bonus dungeon character you get for finishing that…)

I probably shouldn’t have used all the berries though towards the end to defeat Elwen, now that I know you can carry them over to the next game. Maybe I’ll get a few more in the bonus dungeon? 

(The storyline is wierd though. It leads you through all kinds of “humans are bad” things, then if you decide to pick the humans anyway you learn “Hey, maybe humans aren’t so bad” :) Looking back though, nearly every non-human character you meet is violent, arrogant, self centered, or pranksters. And being arrogant and self centered is what they constantly accuse humans of being throughout the first half of the game… The humans have a few bad eggs, but as a whole they seem much more agreeable and nicer than the Orcs and Light Elves, for instance. Dark elves and goblins aren’t too bad though. Maybe the light elves and orcs will seem a bit nicer on the Non-human branch. 

I guess I’ll see that, and any other dangling threads once I do the second playthrough.