Digitimes is saying that an external hddvd player is a better idea than an internal bluray player.

There’s a major problem with this logic though. Add-on hardware for consoles almost never does well. The 32 bit expansion for the genesis? Big flop. Jaguar CD? Even bigger flop than the jaguar itself. SegaCD? Huge flop. Part of the problem lies in it being a catch 22. Typically the games that use the expansion aren’t excessively improved over the ones that use the normal console capabilities for the first generation. Consumers won’t buy the expansion until it has a significant number of must-have highly improved titles. The problem is that if the first generation flops, which it always does on a new expansion, then they’ll be wary of the system and only release things for it that absolutely require the extension. For most titles they’ll be able to be slightly downgraded and released on the standard system instead. I can guarantee that either no successful games will be released for the Xbox360 in HDDVD format, or MS will eventually move the drive to be internal to the system and all the people who bought the first model of 360 will be out of luck unless they buy the external drive. Either way, 360 buyers are going to not be able to play the more epic of games that come out in the future without laying out as much money as the more expensive PS3 while getting only the capabilities of the cheaper PS3. The DVD9’s just can’t handle really epic games in high definition.

Some lamer from the official PS magazine turns out to be just as biased as the editors of the Official Xbox rag. I wonder how much Microsoft paid her?

Not as much in her post, but in the responses. Like this one

Why couldn’t Sony have waited till PS4 for BlueRay? DVD’s are a fine storage medium for games. You don’t see any multi DVD games out there do you?

Why yes, I do. I own two games already that span multiple discs! If simple PS2 games in low definition can fill out two dvds, then High-def wide-screen 3d epics are almost definitely going to fill out the dvds. And nobody wants to return to the PS1 days of 4-5 freaking discs for one game! 

It’s also showing outright bias. She and the majority of her responders keep pounding the $600 pulpet and comparing it to the $400 xbox when the real comparison is the $500 PS3 to the $400 Xbox360. If you set their specs side by side, every shred of the PS3 $500 specs match or exceed the Xbox360’s $400 high end model. If you’re going to compare prices, compare apples to apples. Xbox360 has a 20 gig hard drive and component outputs. The PS3 $500 has a 20 gig hard drive and component outputs. Everything that the $600 PS3 has are things that are simply not even available on ANY xbox360. The 360 with the external HDDVD player is going to cost MORE than the $500 PS3 and STILL provide less results. To get the $300 360, you have to give up on many features of the games you buy. There is no such degradation by going to the lower end PS3. OPM needs to ditch their clueless employees and hire someone who understands gaming technology.

Sorry about ranting, but I just get really burned up by idiots on the internet, especially when the idiots are speaking from positions of seeming credibility. I now regret ever purchasing an issue of that particular rag.