I currently see 3 varieties of gaming site and articles. The fair, the clueless, and the biased. 

The most recent example. PS3 has had backward compatibility on its spec sheet for ages. There has never been a card slot for the old style cards on any mockup of the PS3 released thus far. Many people speculated that like the Xbox360, you would not be able to transfer save files from the older systems. Sony decided to release information that you will be able to get a (probably USB) adapter to copy memory card images to your console.

The fair sites? Sony Announces PS3 Memory Card Adaptor @ Gamasutra PS3 to require adapter for PS2 / PSone game saves @ Punchjump

The Clueless sites? The line between Clueless and Biased is thin indeed, but here’s one example. PS3 Needs Adaptor To Play PSOne/PS2 Titles @ trusted reviews. The PS3 doesn’t need an adapter to run PS1/PS2 games. It can create a virtual memory card without one. The adapter is just so you don’t need to start the games from scratch.

The outright biased sites? PS3 Digs Itself a Deeper Grave, Requires Adapter for Backwards Compatibility @ Gizmodo These guys are nearly as clueless as the clueless site above, but they’re so blatantly biased that I can put them in this category.