A couple well known game companies are holding off on PS3 games for at least a few months. How good are these companies really, though? SNK and Atari are both former console manufacturers themselves. Really though, they haven’t done much recently that would be the least worry to most people. SNK’s best game, Crystalis, is nearly 17 years old now. Since then they have primarily put out 2d fighter game after 2d fighter game. Their games would probably be a better fit on the nintendo Wii with its retro controller anyway.

Atari really isn’t atari anymore. Another much less known game company absorbed their assets then decided to use the name. Mostly they’ve been releasing games for other independant developers. Since those developers pretty much decide what they want to develop for themselves, I doubt their delays will have any effect at all on PS3 development.

Now on to those who ARE developing for the PS3.

Square-Enix. The majority of the games that I want to play come from Square-Enix. They’re developing for the PS3 and could possibly have a launch title for it as well. 

Insomniac Games. The majority of what is left of what I play comes from these guys. They have a launch title to be released with the PS3.

Nippon Ichi Software. A handful of other titles I like and some quirky ones come from NIS. They have one PS3 title in development now.

Epic. They developed the last FPS game I actually enjoyed, Unreal. 

Konami. They’re one of the trump cards and made many of the cornerstone games of the PS2 library.

Namco. They made one of the few fighting games I actually enjoy.

I don’t think some unknown greek developer and a couple washed out has-beens will have any effect on the fate of the console in the face of all these good developers.