In case someone missed it the first 3 times that this story ran someone has dredged it up yet again. 

Man, do reporters just have the universe’s shortest memories or are they getting paid off to reintroduce this story every couple months?

(For those of you who didn’t live through the MS vs OS/2-Amiga-Atari-etc wars the last time Microsoft did this, FUD stands for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” and is used to torpedo opponents products by making people worried about if the investment is worth it through lies in the press and whispering campaigns…)


I thought more about other articles that are “abuzz” on the internet regarding the PS3 over the last couple weeks. Two that stand out are the one about Jeff Minter complaining about the PS3 and some Greek game dev company “cancelling” their PS3 version. Isn’t it interesting how these things cycles around over and over again without anyone really checking them? 

I’ll take the greek company first. Thesius, an unknown game from an unknown company that never even had a PS3 version. Yet them “dropping” production on a game that never existed by a company nobody has ever heard of is heralded as a horrible thing for the PS3. 

Minter? The alleged “Gaming legend”? His software site has a list of games his company has made. There’s maybe 3 separate games that are listed a several times each in slight variations, most of them prominantly featuring his little Llama logo as a main character. The best known of all these games? Tempest 2000, A remake of a game someone else originally designed, for a game console that bombed even worse than the Dreamcast. His most recent release? A game for a dvd system that is also destined to be a complete loser, the Nuon. He really knows how to pick consoles, doesn’t he? Bash the console from the company whose consoles have consistently trashed his picks on the free market, consistently making original games that nobody has ever heard of… His most famous and most successful game for a system that was in the bargain bin for $50 faster than you could blink… hardly gaming legend material.

When are we going to get a break from this parade of losers that are bashing the PS3?