I admit, I haven’t really even taken much of a look at the PSP for quite awhile. The rather high price and the idea of a portable game system with a disc format kind of made it less than attractive to me. This may change soon though.

Sony to release downloadable PSone games for PSP

Depending on the implementation, this could be just the push I needed to go out and buy one. I still have plenty of PSone games I want to play. I’m in the final stretch of Breath of Fire 3, I have FF2, 4, and 6 all on PSone discs waiting for me, I still have two Lunar games, Mega Man Legends 2, and many others. Add to that various NIS rpgs coming out and other games and it may finally have enough to make it worthwhile.

The question is implementation. It looks like they’ll be on Memory sticks, which likely means that I’ll have to repurchase every one. Given that some of the titles I want to finish aren’t exactly the best sellers and some are from defunct companies, I’m not sure if I will even be able to play the ones I want to. If there was a way to rip the games off the PSone CDs and drop them on memsticks… That would be the best solution for me. I suspect that will only happen through hacked firmware and bootlegged emulators though.

Is there a PSone emulator out there already?

It’s really a no-brainer. Most PSone games run in 320x240. My PSone screen is even that resolution. The PSP is a 480x272. Seems perfect for a square-box presentation. PSone games actually look great on a small screen. Most of the blockyness and artifacts that you see on a TV disappear on a tiny LCD. That PSone with LCD Screen is just a little too clumsy to hold while trying to play games. Something smaller would be great for at night.